HSS Fundraising


The HSSFC is committed to supporting the students, their families, and the teachers through fund raising events that focus on fun and social activities that encourage participation of the whole school community. The money raised at these events goes directly towards enhancing the school experience for students through provision of extra resources and improved facilities.


Being a part of the HSSFC is a great way to get involved in your children’s school. We always welcome new members and new ideas. Come along to the next meeting and find out how you can contribute. Most members also hold day jobs so we strive to keep everyone’s involvement manageable.

Committee 2017

Chairperson: Greg Dykzeul

Vice Chairperson: Carol Rankin crankin2@xtra.co.nz

Treasurer: Bev Hamilton

Secretary: Belinda Miller bindysuth@hotmail.com

Teacher representative: Heather Davidson

Executive representatives: Don McLean and Di Webb

Fundraising Events

1. Annual Quiz Night. Held in term 2 this is a highlight on the school’s calendar and the event raises in excess of $10,000 every year. Each year the committee creates a fun and entertaining evening for all.

2. Annual Twilight Gala. Held in term 4 the gala is an exciting event enjoyed by everyone. The event is our major fundraiser for the year and embraces the true spirit of what it means to be a part of the HSS community.

3. Sausage sizzles. In the last week of terms 1, 2 and 3, students enjoy BBQ sausages along with other delicious snacks.

4. Toothbrushes! Yes, our hugely successful fundraiser continues throughout the school year. Healthy kids are happy kids and happy kids thrive at school. By popular demand our ‘flashing timer toothbrushes’ can be purchased all year from the school office.

Next Meeting

We usually meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm in the school staffroom during Term time. Check out the school’s calendar for our next meeting as times and dates may vary.

Allocation of Funds Raised

Teachers, executive staff and the Board of Trustees, create a ‘wish list’ each year. This is used as a starting point for allocating funds. This might include IT equipment, library books, and sports uniforms. Facility upgrades/projects, pastoral funds and student-generated requests, also make up part of the list.

Examples of recent fundraising projects include the installation of Tiger Turf on the lower court, purchasing an 11 seater school minivan, and upgrading the sound system and overhead projector for the school hall.

We are currently working towards funding an outdoor learning space next to the middle syndicate classrooms.

How You Can Contribute

Are you new to the school, want to get more involved in the school community, or simply want to find out more about the HSSFC? Talk to any of our committee members or come along to a meeting to find out more. You can also email ngairewarner@gmail.com

What if you can’t commit to meetings?

The HSSFC understand that parents and caregivers are busy. We also value the expertise, skills, and enthusiasm that exist in our school community. Therefore if you have time to contribute in any way we would like to hear from you. For example can you spare a couple of hours to BBQ sausages for a sizzle, can you do face painting for the Gala, can you bake for our quiz night? Do you own or work at a business that would donate time or products/services. The ways you can contribute are virtually endless.

Reach For The Stars and contact the HSSFC today!