A Great Place to Learn

 1.      Realistic Class sizes – In a large school it is difficult to ensure classes, particularly at the top end, don’t get too large. Hampden Street School Board of Trustees are committed to keeping class numbers at a reasonable and manageable level.

 2.     Skilled and Professional teachers – Hampden Street School has talented professional staff who are committed to catering to the individual needs of their students.

 3.     Fantastic facilities – Our school facilities include a large, well-equipped hall, latest IT equipment, a stimulating Library and STEM room, two heated swimming pools, three adventure playgrounds, a fitness circuit and lots of playground space.

 4.    Leading edge ICT programmes and equipment – all classes have computers, laptops and large screen TVs, and all years 3-6 students have their own Google account.  We have an up-to-date website, Facebook page and School App. Our teachers are highly skilled in integrating IT into class programmes.

 5.     Well established School / Home Communication – our fortnightly newsletter provides news and information about what’s happening at school, the school website, Facebook page, and school App provide up to date notices and school information on a daily basis. Hampden Street School has an “Open Door” policy and when parents have concerns or questions we encourage them to talk to the class teacher, DP or the Principal.

 6.    Plenty of Activities and Sports – Hampden Street Students are very busy. As well as our core subjects the school provides many activities and sports for their students. In sport, students have the opportunity to represent the school in inter-school and after school sports, both competitive and non-competitive. Most term the school host a performance from touring dance and drama groups and students get to develop their artistic skills and celebrate their work at Art Exhibitions and activities at the Suter Art Gallery.

Every two years the school does a whole school production with every child involved. In the alternate year we enter a whole school entry into the Masked Parade.

 7.     Individual Needs are well catered for – Hampden Street School has a well organised special needs and special abilities programmes. Children with learning difficulties are well catered for by specialist teachers such as Reading Recovery, close links with outside support agencies, and a team of teacher’s aides who support teachers and students in classes and in withdrawal programmes. Our able students are also well catered for. Our school employs a teacher to support our STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Maths) programmes. Classroom teachers are skilled at teaching thinking skills and an inquiry learning approach, methods which allow gifted students to further extend their understanding/ knowledge.

 8.    Sound Partnership Between Parents, Community and School - The Hampden Street HSS Fundraising Committee is a voluntary group of parents who dedicate their time to raise funds for the school. This successful organisation raises a significant amount of money throughout the year by way events such as quiz nights, and a very popular school gala. New parents are welcome to join the parent committee.

 9.    Enthusiasm and Energetic Environment One thing that will stand out to any new family will be the enthusiasm and energy in school from staff and students alike. Hampden Street school staff like coming to school and consequently so do the students. This is something that we value and work hard to maintain.

 10.  Students Come First – The most important feature of this school is our commitment to always place our students first. It is our core business and we believe every student should feel happy and safe at school and has the right to achieve. Good relationships between teacher and students is key to success.