Our Vision

Our children’s growth and learning will be at the centre of all that we do. We will help them to reach their full potential and develop the competencies they will need to be successful 21st century learners.

From community and staff consultation, we have identified what we consider to be the five key learners’ qualities that best reflect our vision for our students. These are our interpretation of, and linked to the key competencies. Each of our learners qualities has been clearly defined and rubrics developed so that students are able to self-monitor their progress on the key competencies.

Hampden Street Students are ……


Our Values

“Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important or desirable. They are expressed through the ways in which people think and act.”

“Values are part of the everyday curriculum – encouraged, modelled, and explored.” The New Zealand Curriculum Ministry of Education (2007), p.9-10

The values we live by at Hampden Street School support and confirm our school vision and are evident in the way we work with and relate to others. These key values represent the deeply held beliefs of how we expect all people to think and act at Hampden Street School.

Our values are part and parcel of the teaching and learning programmes we deliver at our school. They are planned for, and carefully woven into the everyday life of the school; they are actively promoted and expected of all people within our school community.

Respect – This means valuing the rights and feelings of others, the environment and ourselves, through our words and actions.

Diversity – This means recognizing, understanding, tolerating, and accepting different cultures, languages and abilities.

Excellence – This means personally achieving to the best of your ability in any given situation. “Reach for the Stars”

Innovation – This means being able to adapt to changes, open to new ideas, being creative, and able to think outside the square.

Integrity – This means being honest, responsible, ethical and accountable.

Hampden Street School (3193) Confirmed ERO Report 15 June 2017