Board of Trustees

A Message from the Board

It is now almost 20 years since the introduction of Tomorrow Schools and the first Board of Trustees was appointed to Hampden Street School. Over this time lots of parents and whanau have worked to help develop and move the school forward by being involved in things like fundraising, supporting our school camps, attending school assembly’s, helping out at sports events etc. We all play a part.
Working as a member of the Board of Trustees is another way in which parents can help to shape the future of our school and prepare our children for the challenges that lay ahead.
As a board we are first and foremost accountable for student achievement. Our children’s growth and learning is the centre of all that we do. We aim to look ‘upwards and outwards’ and to set the direction that we, on behalf of the parents and community, want to see the school take. Words like; resilience, diversity, creativity, honesty, participation, responsibility, fairness, achievement, and respect will continue to drive this direction.
We want to ensure that all our children succeed. As a board our part in this is to ensure the strategy is right, that we have clear goals and expectations and that we monitor performance. This year we have worked hard as a team to revise our school charter and strengthen our efforts in six key areas:

  • Strengthening the partnership between school and home
  • Targeting improved student literacy
  • Promoting and developing the school within the wider community
  • Raising Maori cultural awareness
  • Boosting our Information Technology strategy
  • Establishing a physical activity culture within the school

This is very rewarding work and of course involves all of us in doing a lot of ‘cool and fun stuff’ along the way. Nothing beats seeing our children doing well and simply enjoying the experience of inspired and inquisitive learning.
               Toro atu ki nga whetu – Reach for the Stars

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Areas of Responsibility: Leadership and management throughout the school
Profile: Tena Koutou. I love being principal at Hampden Street School. We have wonderful students and a fantastic team of dedicated teachers. I have worked in education for nearly 25 years and I find working with children is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do.

I live in Wakefield and am married to Katrina (a Nelson girl) and have four beautiful children ? Maggie, Lily, Cameron and Tommy. We live on a small lifestyle block and enjoy our country living, with our 5 cows, 5 chooks and a very spoilt cat. In my free time when I’m not with the family I coach rugby, ski, and enjoy the outdoors.

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Areas of Responsibility:
Middle Syndicate
PE & Sport
HSS Houses
Profile: I have taught at Hampden Street for just over a decade now ? just less than Mrs Barris but longer than Mr McLean! My family has grown from 3 to 4 since my last website update, with Harry now a member of the Wakefield School community and Maisie the pink princess having just celebrated her 3rd birthday.


From right to left: Sarah Hobbs (Parent Rep), Dean François (Teacher’s rep), Dave Schaper (Parent Rep), Rachel Rumball (BOT Chairperson), Kelvin Vercoe (Parent Rep), Cathy Brown (Parent Rep).

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